Bursa Hüdavendigar City Park Opening

The biggest park of Bursa was opened

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality celebrated the ‘May 19 the Commemoration of Atatürk Youth and Sports Day’ with a youth concert. In pursuit of Eskişehir Inn whose restoration just completed, the biggest city park, which is Hüdavendigar Park, was put into service too, with the participation of Mehmet Müezzinoğlu who is the Minister of Health.

The biggest park of Bursa

With the intent of gaining the ‘green’ identity of Bursa, the Metropolitan  Municipality which has saved 2 million square meter green-field in the last 6 years brought Bursa’s biggest city park,which is Hüdavendigar City Park, into service with an enthusiastic celebration. Hüdavendigar City Park whose one part is in Osmangazi and the other one is in Nilüfer turned into fairly a new living space with planted more than 12 years old 4 thousand trees, 4000 tlips and hyacinth, over 1 milion flowers, swimming pool, tennis courts, sports halls, sports areas, and the reclamation of Nilüfer Stream and the contructions of the birdges on the stream and the ponds.