Çorum Bayat Kunduzlu Göleti’nde Sona Yaklaşıldı

It came to an end at Bayat Kunduzlu Pond. 95 percent physical achievement was reached in the project that will meet drinking water need of Bayat and 31 villages.

Çorum Bayat Kunduzlu Pond, which is working under the framework of "1071 Pond Projects in Thousand Days", is being built at a height of 51 meters from its base and has a water storage volume of approximately 2 million cubic meters.
In the project whose physical realization has reached 95 percent level, production of cofferdams, derivation tunnels, spillways (overflow dam), body fillings and front faced concrete has been completed.

It is being constructed with an approximate Investment Cost of 25 Million Liras 
With the completion and accomplishment of the project, annual need for drinking and consumption water of Bayat district center and 31 villages of 2 million m3 will be provided. Within the scope of this project which was built for drinking water purposes, drinking water supply line, storages and treatment plant were completed. The investment cost of the project, which is targeted to be completed in August, is approximately 25 million liras.
Source: General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


source of information : Devlet Su İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü