Visit of Bartın Governor Nusret Dirim to our Kirazlıköprü Dam Construction Site

Governor Nusret DİRİM has made observations in Kirazliköprü Dam  together with Special Provincial Administration General Secretary Ibrahim KAYIŞ and his delegation.
Making presentations and giving information at Kirazli bridge dam construction site to the Governor DİRİM, DSI (State Hydraulic Works) 233rd Branch Manager Sancar BİÇER mentioned that Kirazlı Bridge Dam on Bartın Stream Gökırmak has been designed for irrigation and energy purposes. 
Informing the Governor DİRİM that physical realization of the dam has reached 52% level and it is targeted to be completed by the end of 2017, DSI 233rd Branch Manager Sancar BİÇER declared that approximately 31 thousand decares of agricultural land will be irrigated by modern irrigation systems with the dam at 66.19 million cubic meters of storage capacity, and with the project, Bartın would be protected from flood damages. 

When Kirazliköprü Dam is put into the service, 41 million kilowatt hours of energy per year will be produced with the plant of 12.3 MW installed capacity. When water meet the soil, 301 liras per decare of revenue increase will be obtained and thus nearly 25 million liras will be contributed to the national economy. In addition, 3 thousand 100 people will be provided employment opportunities.
News source: Bartın Governorship

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