World’s seventh the highest botanic park in Erzurum

Erzurum Atatürk University has set up Ata Botanic Park in the city center which is 1850 meter over the sea level. Special plants, trees that are dedicated to East Anatolia were taken under protection by three years working process. In Erzurum whose heath drops off 33 degree under zero in winter even lime tree was grown. Prof. Dr. Yaşar Sütbeyaz the Warden of Atatürk University siad that Ata Botanic Park was the world’s seventh highest latitude park.

Approximately 350 decare land that begins at the Atatürk University Campus intersection whose starting point of Erzurum- Erzincan highway was reserved to botanic park. 100 decare of this land was used in the first step. Drainage, automatic irrigation, elucidating and parking parking lot labours were performed. The park introduced with a celebration by the participations of Erzurum Governor Sami Bulut, Warden Prof. Dr. Yaşar Sütbeyaz, Faculty of Agriculture Dean Prof. Dr. Mükerrem Kaya.

Atatürk University Warden Prof. Dr. Yaşar Sütbeyaz reminded that in Europe, for the derived green field per capita is 20 square meter, however, this amount is 1 meter in Erzurum per capita. He indicated that they aim to create a new living space with thousands of plant varieties. There are egzotic plant species, area proof fruit trees right along side  local plant templets. Atatürk University Faculty of Agriculture Landscape Architecture Department President Prof. Dr. Hasan Yılmaz, said that the huge amount of trees and plants had a wild winter for the first time and welcomed spring healthily. He stated they prepared suprises for the visitors. Prof. Dr. Yılmaz told “Park was made real by academic personel and students standing shoulder by shoulder.”